VERY IMPORTANT! Since 2013, We have been started  to check  all post contest UBN - files We are awfully sorry, but have to cancell all QSOs whose number is 001 or like that . We are sure, YOU  WILL NOT SENT A LOG. Why Shall WE SPEND A TIME REPLAYING TO you?. No LOG - No QSL! List of the calls who have "RED CARD" is under constraction.

We are always QSLL only!


QSL manager for RN3F is RA3F (ex UA3DQK)

QSL via bureau is OK.


If you want to send your QSL-card direct, than please don't send US dollars - they are always stolen and letters are either damaged or not delivered at all. Instead please include either new style IRC's.

Please remember that we are not collectors of the QSL-cards! If you are not interested to get QSL of RN3F, please save trees for the other generations!

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e-mail: rn3f@mail.ru